Sunday, October 28, 2007

Vatican City

I won't say much about the Vatican City and St. Peter's Basilica because the pictures speak for themselves. Although I will say that St. Peter's Basilica was amazing.... it was humongous and beat out all the other churches in Europe.It was amazing to look at such a famous place. I know it doesn't mean as much to me because I am not catholic, but it was still amazing and so neat to see, especially because in a way all churches broke of from this religion (kind of... too long to explain what I mean exactly). We learned that the Vatican City is actually its own country, so technically we went to 11 countries and not just 10 countries. It really was amazing and the architecture and art of the painting was amazing. Unfortunately, they don't let you take pictures inside of the Sistine Chapel (which people still did and I told them off... you bet I did) but luckily most of the pictures are online.... amazing though!

(people rub this saints feet as you
can see from the worn feet)

(The weird acorn thing deals with fertility.)

Huge hall of maps in Vatican

(in the last picture, it is the dome of the basilica, the letters you can see by the dome were bigger than people, just to give something to judge the size of this church)

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