Sunday, October 28, 2007

Innsbruck & Vienna, Austria

It was nice not knowing where we were planning on going because we were trying to decide if we should go to Austria and which cities. We decided 5 minutes before the train left to go to Innsbruck. It wasn't a huge town so not a lot of things to do, but it was quite peaceful and nice to be in a slower paced town. There was a Golden Roof building and that was probably the most popular site and it was interesting. Apparently the king wanted to make it nice or something... I really can't remember (how bad is that?). There was some show that night where there was a band and a bunch of soldiers were around. We don't know what it was for because we couldn't understand them (I tried to ask a police officer but his answer was a big function or something like that - not much help). It was neat to see them in their uniform and see them perform. We had the best dinner that night and Luke loved my dish so much that he ate most of it, but I am a good wife and shared. :)
The next day bright and early we left for Vienna. We were actually going to skip Vienna altogether but decided that we had an extra day so we went there, but there was so much to see there that we wish we did have more time and would love to go back. We went to a home that Mozart lived in and you can see his signature and face in the pictures. Apparently I wasn't supposed to take pictures but I didn't know that until the very end. But we learned a lot about Mozart that I didn't know before and got to stand in an apartment of his that he lived in the longest. It was quite neat and I like Mozart even more now. We also went to a Musik Museum in Vienna and it was pretty neat and it had a lot of fun activities and taught you about the way you hear and stuff about your vocal cords. It was a cool museum.
They had a lot of pretty buildings in Innsbruck and Vienna as well as very ornate churches (all places did). The scenery was beautiful because we were on the edge of the Alps and it was fall so the scenes were beautiful! Austria was another fave of mine and I would love to go back someday.

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