Sunday, October 28, 2007

Geneva, Switzerland

We move onto Geneva... Switzerland was a beautiful country and they sure do keep it nice. It was the cleanest place we went to and beautiful landscape. We tour the city, but of course most of the places/museums that we wanted to go to were closed (figures). We did go to the UN which is located in Switzerland (and it is considered international territory, so in a way we went to 12 countries... kinda). We thought it was a free tour but really it cost 8 euros. I was a little disappointed after that becuase how great could a tour of the UN be that we had to pay for. But really we learned a lot and were very happy we went in the long run. There are lots of pictures of the UN (the flags, the paintings on the walls tell a great story but if you want to know it, ask me... it really is good). background is where Yasser Arafat was when he The picture with Luke and a lot of chairs in thewas considered a terrorist and not allowed to come into the United States. So we were in the same room as him, just not at the same time. The picture with me and the HUGE chair was made to make a point about land mines and trying to ban them from all countries and make them illegal. It makes a strong point and one I happen to agree with. We also learned about what the UN is actually there for and we learned a lot of things that we didn't know before. It was really interesting!
We toured the rest of Geneva and saw some interesting sites like larger chess boards in parks. A clock that is made completely of flowers (one of my favorites), the Geneva Lake and guns used in the Reformation of Geneva. There is also a funny picture of and exit sign but it says way-out in english... it is just funny how the European signs look. We also were walking by a zoo and met some people that got locked into the zoo. We chated with them for awhile and Mi was from Vietnam but had lived in Europe since she was 18 and Will was from the Arizona and they met and married. It was fun to make some friends and they even bought us dinner that nice. We are glad for their friendship now!

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