Sunday, October 28, 2007

Rome, Italy

Well, Rome was a lot of fun and to see all those old ruins, it was amazing but Luke and I didn't think Rome was as great as some of the other cities we had been to. I think it was because it was really dirty compared to other places, but that could be due to the fact that there are TONS of tourists and the Italians were not the nicest people either (not Italians but Romans). They were not helpful, at least not in Rome, when we went to Florence they were a lot better and helpful. It seemed people knew English but just didn't want to speak it to us.
We went to these ruins that were closed by the time we got there but they were amazing. It is crazy that these ruins are over 2000 years old. We of course saw the famous Colosseum where many gladiators fought. It was huge and very interesting. They had these fake soldiers standing on the outside trying to get tips when you take a picture with them. People will do anything for money. We walked around all of Rome and man were my feet killing me because it is a big city. We saw the Pantheon and many other famous sites around the city. Many of the sites are in the pictures.
The hostel we stayed at in Rome was pretty neat. It was like a big RV park but with little bungalows (or big ones for families). They were the cutest little things. They were like our old trailer just super small. Unfortunately, I never got a picture of them but if you ever want to know where to stay in Rome, let me know. The only problem was it took awhile to get to it and you had to take this bus that was super crowded (watch your belonging ladies and gents, innocent looking girls steal a lot from you). The other thing is most cities have many different metro routes, well Rome only has two major ones. The reason being that every time they dig more areas to build more metros they find more ruins and are not allowed to build, so this made it take longer to get anywhere in Rome, so good luck if you ever go traveling there. We are really glad we saw Rome, again it was so neat how old things were, but we have seen it and we are good, I don't think we want to go back.

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