Sunday, October 28, 2007

Heidelburg & Frankfurt, Germany

When we first arrived in Frankfurt we heard about all the train & metro strikes that were going on around the area and our hotel was about 30 minutes away on a metro so we decided not to risk it and stay right by the central station. It was an expensive hotel, the most expensive one we stayed at the whole trip. We wanted to see a castle and the closest one to an hour away by train so we left and decided to tour this castle. It is pretty famous and it was beautiful but it was more of ruins than anything and I wish we could have seen a castle that was still up and running like it would have been in the medieval times or something like that. I guess that is for our next trip to Germany (if you want to know what castle I would love to go to it is Ludwig's castle or Marksburg... or go along the Rhine River). It was still a really neat castle and they have the biggest barrel that holds the most beer in that castle. It was neat, but if it was me, I would hold juice or milk... not beer. haha! The city was also beautiful like all of Germany was, except it was foggy, of course. The next day we were back in Frankfurt and went to the Frankfurt Temple which was beautiful. Everybody knew where that Mormon temple was. It is funny how people know the temple and call it their temple. We met a very nice girl, Janina, who knew great English because she lived in the US for awhile, but she was very nice and showed us how to get back to the train. We went to a Jewish museum until we had to leave to go back to Paris. I couldn't believe our trip was coming to an end. It was nice that we were able to go back home but I was sad our trip was going to be over soon, but I was not at all looking forward to flying back on India Air. The museum was really neat because Luke and I never understood how much the Jews were persecuted early on and not just during World War II. It was very enlightened but we didn't get many pictures because it was just a museum. Then we headed back to Paris on a long train ride.


Emilie said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! Okay, so you have convinced me that sometime in my life time I need to go to Europe. Wow. So you were there for 3 weeks and saw all that? My husband will be jealous...he loves Europe (and I'm usually content to just hang out here in the states and see the sites:) Who knows...someday. I love it! Good to "see" you!

Christine said...

Again I am so excited for you guys to have done that. Looks like an amazing adventure and I am glad you shared with us through pictures.