Friday, October 26, 2007

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

We were only in Amsterdam for about 6 hours because we were trying to catch up from being behind... but really I think that was good for us. It would have been nice to see other parts of The Netherlands though so hope to go back there someday and also Luxemborg. Well, for those of you that don't know Amsterdam is a pretty risque city. It was big on gay rights, anything dealing sex (they even had museums just for sex), and a lot of dirty pictures around... It was definitely interesting but we were able to go to Madame Tussad's was museum which was pretty neat and fun. You can see some pictures of that with Anne Frank and me with Bush and Luke with Bono. It was fun to act like we were with the stars. We also went to Anne Frank's hideout where her journal was written. Unfortunately we were unable to take pictures inside because they don't let you so you can see the outside of the house. It was really neat to learn more about her story and see where it actually happened. It was really a beautiful city with lots of canals running through the whole city and located pretty much at every other block. I wish we were there when the tulips were in bloom but maybe another day. One of the first pictures was of the train station and the metro. That is how we got around most of the towns and the main train station is how we got to all the other countries on high speed trains. The funny thing about the main station is how nice it is, and it wasn't only in Amsterdam. All the cities main stations looked like this, they are older building and definitely don't look like a business.

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