Friday, October 26, 2007

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen was an fun place to see and we started to get into the Scandinavian countries and we knew it would be a lot more pricey and man let me tell ya, IT IS! We saved a lot more when we got out of those Scandinavian countries. Denmark was gorgeous as was most of Europe! We walked around Copenhagen and took a walking tour. We saw tons of the main sites in the town. You can see Luke with this purple man in the picture below. It was sitting on a famous town square and just this huge blown up purple man (I called him Bunny cause he looked like one to me). Well, we later found this guy advertised everywhere but never figured out what he was. oh well.... There is also a picture with Luke and his hood on cause we took a canal ride throughout the town. It was really a lot of fun and saw things like Bach's old house and all the pretty boats on the canal. Some places even had house boats that you lived on permanently. One of the more famous sites in Copenhagen is the mermaid on a rock that you can see behind me. Its head has been knocked off a few times but they keep putting it back on.
You will also notice a weird looking tree, but I think it was dead just put in a huge basket and put in a park. You will also notice Luke has a bike. We were able to rent bikes for about 3 kroners (about $0.60) and then once we returned the bike we got the money back. They do this all over Europe and I think it is really neat, even though I am not a big bike rider but it just makes a lot more sense and it is a lot healthier. Copenhagen was the place that had the most bikes by far and it is known as "the city of bikes." The last few pictures of are of the Copenhagen Temple that was beautiful and for those Mormons, we met the guy who plays Christ in the Testaments video. He was the nicest man. And then the other pictures are random of Luke in a park and me in a train station. The scariest moment we had was at the hostel we stayed at. We stayed in a room with 9 beds and one of the guys was from Sweden and looked like he came from the 80's. He was totally drunk and in the middle of the night scared me so we switched rooms... it was weird! But anyways, overall we had a great time!

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Christine said...


Wow, your trip so far looks so fun! What a great experience!!!!! I am so happy for you guys. Glad that everything worked our so far and can't wait to see the rest. I hope you got my email about our blog. It's, so if you get a chance to look at it, you can see what we're up to. I'll try and send you an email soon to write more.

Hope you are good!