Sunday, October 28, 2007

Bern, Switzerland

First off, you can see the cool trains that we rode on to get everywhere. Some of them were super super fast and it was way fun to travel on them and I wish they had them here in the US. I think it would make getting around much easier and cheaper. We weren't in Bern too long but we did get to see some cool things. Bern had some crazy construction going on with there metros so it was harder to get around the town, or at least until we figured it out. There is a famous clock tower in Bern that has a bear and some other animals dancing around the clock at every hour. The landscape again was beautiful and there is a picture of what we saw from our hotel room. It was amazing but unfortunately it was way foggy the last few days we were in Europe. We went to the LDS temple in Bern and it was beautiful. We also went to a cool spaghetti factory that had dang good spaghetti and everybody had wine. Of course we don't drink wine (and everybody over there was always shocked about that) so we got sprite in an old fashioned bottle and drank it in our cool wine glasses. Later that night, there was a curling rink by our hotel and I absolutely love curling... it is just awesome (I took a class my last semester at USU). So we watched that for an hour or so and loved it. The next morning we were walking to the train station and I saw this cool sign with "Wittwer" on it. It was totally awesome so we had to take a picture! Switzerland was beautiful and we really enjoyed it!!! It was also a fave and we would love to go back to that country and climb the Alps!

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