Sunday, October 28, 2007

Florence, Italy

Onto Florence.... we were only there for a short time and of course the famous museum with Michelangelo's The David was closed (it seemed that every time we were in a city and wanted to go to certain sites, they were always closed on that day... Vatican City, Geneva) but we did get to see a smaller replica that was still big. Florence was a very nice city, but not a lot to do, but it was like the Italian cities you see on the movies. It was a lot of fun. We walked around the city and saw a cathedral, the oldest bridge in the city and it was gorgeous with all its shops on it. There were sculptures all over the city. There was a square with tons of famous sculptures. It was pretty neat and the art is amazing like it is all over Europe. It really is amazing at the talent and art that is over there, but what is even cooler is that it is so old!

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