Saturday, October 27, 2007

Helsinki, Finland

First off, this is a picture of a scarf I bought on the ship. I love how everyone wears them in Europe and I needed a souvenir that was worth it. I was messing around with my scarf and thus this picture came about. So, we headed off to Finland on a ferry. It was kind of like a mini cruise ship just not quite as nice, and somewhat old. We tried to take food on the ship because they had a buffet that cost 30 euro a person (about $35). It was ridiculously expensive. So, the first day in Helsinki was pretty good but we spent most of it just getting to the LDS temple because it was so far away, but we made it. I got to hear three different languages in the temple: English, Finnish, and Russian. It was pretty neat. And the Finland Temple is my favorite by far now. We then started to come back the ferry to go to our next country and we stopped to get dinner and we missed getting on the ship even though we were when it was still there, they wouldn't let us on, so we got mad but went to find a hostel to sleep in. It was the nicest and cheapest hostel we stayed in. Since we were in Helsinki we made the best of it and had a lot of fun in the end. We went to a church made out of the rock. It was pretty neat and there is a picture you can see most of it. I am also on top of the church with the dome behind me. We also went to a museum that showed the history of the country. The next day we took a tour of the city and there are many pictures of the sites around town. You can tell from some of the buildings that they were once a part of Russia. We also went to the zoo which was totally fun! Of course I love animals so I always enjoy myself. This time we caught lunch (which was amazing sandwiches and soup from this awesome shop) and made it onto the ferry and early. We enjoyed ourselves on the ferry again and saw a few shows that they had. Overall, I would say Finland was a fave of mine!


The Gunnell Bunch said...

Ahhh! I loved Helsinki! Did you see the temple!? What a beatiful place!!! I'm so glad you went there!

Beatta said...

I didn't know you went to Helsinki! Thanks for commenting on our blog so I found yours. You should've emailed me before you went... I have a lot of good friends and family in Helsinki you could've shown you around. I'm glad you enjoyed your stay.