Sunday, October 28, 2007

Freiburg, Germany

We came to this city because we thought there was a temple here... well it turns out as we are asking directions they tell us we are not in the right town and that we are in Freiburg, not Freiberg... who would have known there was such a minor difference, oh but that town was about 5 hours away. So we decided to make the best of it in a cute town we were in. We had learned that "SCHLOSS" meant castle in German so there were all these schloss all over the map and since I am pretty much obsessed with schloss we had to go. Well, we started up this huge hill and found tons of stairs that were supposed to lead to a schloss. We climbed over 500 stairs to get to the top of this area and we only found another tower thing that has another 300 stairs to climb, and it was only a look out. Well, we made it that far so we decided to climb even farther and see the pretty view. There is a picture of Luke and me and the background (it isn't very good of the background but you can sort of see it). It was quite foggy around the area but there is a better picture the view. Just look at all the gorgeous buildings. Germany was one of my favorite places of all, not only because my ancestors are from there but also because their buildings are quite unique compared to the rest of Europe. Each country has its own style but Germany is the most unique of any. It was neat and I loved it! We found this cool store that sold lots of different kinds of gummy bears and gummy treats. We bought a few bags for some of our relatives and man did it make our bags so much heavier, good thing it was towards the end of our trip. I also made good friends with the big bear you see. I wish I could have taken him home with me, but not possible.

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