Monday, October 29, 2007

back to Paris... and HOME

This is the last post I am going to make about Europe and then I am done. I don't think I am every going to post something this long ever again. But I don't think I will be taking a trip for 3 weeks ever again either (or at least not an as exciting one). So, we were in Paris the night before we left and it was really the most frustrating night of the whole trip because we got there around 9:30 pm and even though we had already been there, we knew where to go but once we got off the metro we had to find the right bus because otherwise we didn't have any idea where to walk. We talked to the bus driver but he didn't speak English at all (we were more out of downtown Paris so not as many people spoke English) and we were trying to ask him if he could take us to our hotel but we thought he was saying he was done for the night, so we were all confused. After about an hour we finally found a girl who spoke English and helped us and we found our hotel. It was frustrating and by far the most lost we ever were on the trip, even though we weren't lost just needed a bus!
The next day we get to the airport and and find out our plane is delayed by like 8 hours (and they have known this for like 2 days so why didn't they just find us another plane). So, we have to stay at the airport forever and wait in a line to get checked into the airplane (they wouldn't check our bags until the plane in India had left). When we finally get to the guy we ask him why we are delayed and he acts like we are the first people who have asked him the question even though we are one of the last in line and we know we aren't the first. It was really annoying... NEVER FLY AIR INDIA! We find out around dinner time that some of the check in people gave some people vouchers for dinner but we never got any.... figures it was that stupid man! So, eventually we get on the plane at the time we are supposed to be arriving in the US (like 9:30 Paris, 1:30 US), so of course we miss all of our connecting flights, and we tried to get that arranged with the stupid man, but they said they had to take care of that in the US. So, now we are hoping they will take care of that and we don't have to worry about it. When we arrive in Newark it is 10:30 US time and it takes us around 3 hours to go through customs, get our bags and figure out how we are getting back tomorrow. Luckily, there was someone at the Air India desk and the arranged for a hotel and the flights to get home the next day. The dilemma was our flight was at 7 am and we didn't get to our hotel till 2 am and we had to leave the hotel by 5 am... so not much sleep in the last 36 or more hours... it was so much fun... and we still had to drive home to Idaho from Utah once we landed, but we made it back and thanks so much to my friend Rachel for picking us up at the airport... THE END!


Lisa said...

Hey, I'm so glad you started posting again! I am loving all the pictures. What an awesome trip you two are taking. Thanks for sharing, I feel like I'm there with you!

Bonny said...

You're back on my sidebar! I removed your blog cuz you hadn't posted in months! Glad your back to blogging! Looks like it was an awesome trip! Wow I'm jealous.

Heiner Family Blog said...

Rachel, I'm glad you found me too. Your pictures are awesome, I bet you had a wonderful time. I'll have to visit your blog now. Take care.

Bonny said...

Rachel, I got most of my green tips from random websites. a lot came from because they were doing green week too. feel free to use some of my tips if you want....although there are tons of websites out there with lots of tips that i couldn't get to.

Glad you were inspired!