Saturday, October 27, 2007

Stockholm, Sweden

We were able to stay with my good friend Anna Linda and her husband Tobias in Stockholm. We had such a great stay with them and we were able to relax more and catch up on sleep and I think that helped me get over the cold I had. We got there late and night and had authentic Swedish pizza that was really good, it has a tad bit different taste than ours but not too much! The next day we were able to go to the LDS temple and it took awhile to get there and back. We went back to Linda's and Tobias'. We had a great dinner that Linda made and did our laundry. The funny thing about the laundry is they turn off the electricity so the wash didn't ring out all the water and we had no dryer so we hung up all our soaking wet clothes and thought they would dry by morning but no, it took two days so Monday morning when we woke up we had to put the still damp clothes in the dryer before we had to leave the country. It was great fun!
On Sunday we went to church and none of my clothes were dry so I had to wear Linda's clothes and I tried to fit into her shoes but they were about 3 sizes too small. We listened to church in Swedish and it was interesting because it just sounds like gibberish but it was also really neat to listen to. Tobias and Linda's father translated for us some and that was helpful so we could understand what was going on. It was very nice of them, I had never had anyone translate for me before. After church we went to Linda's parents house and they made a FABULOUS four course meal for us! It was so sweet of them! They made us raw salmon with a cured lemon (it was okay, wasn't expecting it to be raw but the lemon cure was good) and we had reindeer with a horseradish put into a tortilla that was actually REALLY good. Then we had potatoes and carrots and meat. They eat meat with jelly because it is normally salty meat and the sweetness of the jelly evens it out. It really was a good authentic Swedish meal. After dinner Tobias and Linda took us all over Stockholm and gave us the grand tour. It was a gorgeous city that is built on tons of islands that are connected with bridges. I think it was like 9 different islands, but not for sure.
On Monday we were able to go to a few museums. At one museum there was this huge ship built around the 1400's that sank like 15 minutes after it was taken out to sea. It was built to tall and not wide enough. The ship sank and they dug it up in the 60's and restored it so this museum is all about that ship. It was pretty neat to see and it was a humongous ship. The power went out on the island we were on so the museum gave us our money back, so technically we got in for free. We then toured old town and went to a restaurant that was in a dungeon that served as a prison in the 1400's. It was pretty cool so you will see pictures of that. We also saw were cannonballs were stuck in the walls from a war and also the smallest street in Stockholm. It was really fun and so neat to see such old cities. It is weird to think that these cities are so old. I thought my house that is over 100 years old was old, but not compared to Europe... the USA is quite young. After we were done with lunch we went and caught our ferry to Finland.....

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The Gunnell Bunch said...

Oh yea! You went to the Sweden Temple too. Isn't it beautiful? And it looks like you went to Gomliston. I love that place, all the cobbled roads and everything. I'm so jealous! Hope you got good souvenirs!