Thursday, October 25, 2007

First week in Europe!

I know you all have been desperately waiting for this so here it goes... I am going to post the first week for now because I don't have time to do all three weeks in one sitting.
So, first off... we had problems before we even left for the airport. Luke had been in Minnesota the week before on a business trip and was expected back Thursday night, the day before we leave. But because the weather was bad the plane got delayed quite a few hours so he missed his connecting flight so instead they would fly him out the next morning. Well keep in mind that Luke hadn't packed yet and we were flying out of Salt Lake so we still had a 4.5 hour drive to go once he got home. Well the next day, his flight got delayed AGAIN so we thought he better just fly to Salt Lake and I would meet him there and pack for him. So, I ran home and started packing like a mad woman to get it all done... it was crazy man, you should have seen me! I made it though just in time and Luke made it to Salt Lake so we were okay. So, we flew out of Salt Lake that night at 11:30 pm and made it to New Jersey the next morning at 6 am (or 4 am our time) and we didn't get much sleep. My cousin Alan, his wife Amanda and son Jonathon was very nice and able to pick us up because we had a 15 hour layover. We went back to his house, napped and then went off to New York City to see the Statute of Liberty (see photos). We had a really good time and walked around the city a tad before we had to go back to the airport. We flew out that night on Air India. There is a reason that airline is a lot cheaper then others. It was not the great. There was Indian food which was okay but I am not a huge curry fan and their meet was really fatty. Plus, the Indian stewardess was not so nice, she kept telling us to put up our seats when other people still had theirs down. Here is the gross story... I was napping and all of a sudden I smelt this REALLLLLLLY BAD smell, so I tell Luke and he whispers, I think it is my blanket. Sure enough it was! They wrapped in plastic to act like it was washed and new but nope, it stank like the dickens! It was AWFUL!!! Can not stress that enough. Luke thought maybe it was the guys feet next to him because he just put his feet pretty close to Luke's face... it was funny but not funny! Anyways, to sum up Air India, it is just really disorganized and not the cleanest plane.


Chelsea said...

Ok, I love curry, but that sounds like the worst flight ever! Looks like you guys had a blast? What was the occasion? Just feeling like going to Europe?

The Gunnell Bunch said...

I'm so glad you posted your whole trip! You guys will remember this forever. That is so awesome! Miss you tons!!!