Thursday, June 25, 2009


For the month of may we did this:

Take lots of baths because they are so fun! Hopefully he doesn't get mad at this picture later in life, but he is so funny. We will fill up the bathtub and get him naked in his room and put him on the floor and off he runs to the bathroom.

Look cute with my cousin!

Finished babysitting our favorite dude, Ryan, for a summer break.

Read lots of books with dad

Take lots of photo shoots with mom.

Lots watch of tv... just kidding, he just likes the bright colors

Find a new pacifier.

Make lots of baby food - saves lots of money.

Hang out with my cool cousin Hunter.

Go frisbee golfing with the fam.... although Rachel is not very good, hence the picture.

Linc likes too snooze everywhere!

Hang out with cousin Hunter some more.

Go camping for the first time with Lincoln - he did very well! Aubrie also came to visit for a week.

Fed the ducks at the pond!

Drive a few cars

Go swimming in cold water at a friends party -- but he sure loved it! This boy LOVES water!

Go to the zoo again with friends and fam. We love the zoo!

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