Friday, June 26, 2009


So Lincoln finally got a haircut last week. It was a bit long but everybody loved it and commented on how cute it was (except for Luke's dad - he always told us to cut it). But I really miss his hair, it was so cute and soft but he really did need a haircut. Here are pictures from the last 6 months (and in May and June it REALLY grew). He looks way cute with a buzz cut but he looks older too.









All that hair is gone, we cut off about an inch and a half.

Farewell locks of cute hair!


Anna Linda said...

He is just such a cute boy! Can't believe how big he is now! Looks very dapper and handsome in his new cut too.

BrieAnn said...

Tear. His new cut is cute. I don't know how I'll pick the right time for Cora's first cut.

Nate and Sum said...

I need to follow your example and give Bridger a hair cut. His is getting quite long. It makes little boys look so much older when they get their hair cut.

Amanda J said...

I think his new haircut looks great!

ChrisandLindsay said...

Wow! I can't believe how long it was!! It was really cute before, but it's VERY cute now!! He's starting to look like a little toddler!

Par 5 said...

You Erickson's and the buzz cuts! I remember a time Kimball coming home from Erickson's with a new hair cut a little like Lincoln's! But Lincoln's look's super cute! It does make him look more grown up! Oh, and we have family reunions pretty much every weekend in July, so lets try to get together in Aug. if that works for you guys! That would be fun!

Megan G said...

Awww he looks so cute with the new hair cut. I think getting that first hair cut instantly makes them look so much older. Good job!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Oh wow, look at all that hair! He looks so grown up now!

Maggie & Nate said...

Lucas- I love your voice in the video...surfs up dude

It is funny!

Maggie & Nate said...

I love the pics of Linc! I especially love the one where he is in a black shirt and kinda leaned over...:0)
Can't wait to see ya'll