Thursday, June 25, 2009

June... so far

And for this month we have:

read stories with Grandpa

Eaten some golf balls

Gone bowling for the first time

Gone to the Egan lake and the sand dunes (more pics of that to come) while it is raining.

Gone to the zoo again.... with Aunt Maggie and saw this bad boy!

Gone to the cool airshow

Gone biking in the new chariot purchase (bike stroller/jogging stroller/ski stroller for winter) with my friends Kalab

And lounged with dad...

What a past few months it has been... very busy and lots of traveling. Also, Lincoln caught Pink Eye and then Luke had a sore throat/laryngitis and then Luke passed that on to me and Lincoln passed on the Pink Eye to Luke before he had to go to 4-H camp for his work. It was a fun and eventful two weeks... it took forever to get rid of it all. But in the mean time, Lincoln has learned lots of things, like sticking out his tongue.

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Maggie & Nate said...

cute! I like his tongue sticking out! :0~