Monday, June 21, 2010

Out of hibernation!

Now before all of you say FINALLY for posting, I want to explain. These last few months have been, well pretty hectic! I was planning on updating in December and January while I was out of school (still have posts from my England trip last August I am still working on) but I finished school, we left for our cruise Mexico to celebrate our 5 year anniversary, came back, had surgery on my wrist the next day, and pretty much couldn't type for a month after that and then school began again. I was way toooo busy to worry about my blog and decided I needed to concentrate on much more important things. Plus, we traveled a lot in March, April, May... so you see, just not home to do much posting. Quite frankly, I don't even know where to begin to tell you all the things we have done in the last few months, and I would just skip it all but since this is pretty much my journal I need to post it all. So I think I will start with newest to oldest.

We were able to go to Las Vegas (technically the end of April but stayed through May) and see Raegen blessed. It was so fun to see all of my family since I don't see them all together very often (although the last year has been more than most).

Here is the family and all the cousins (at the time). The boys were trying to give Reagan a kiss. It wasn't working the best.

Lincoln is finally deciding that he likes to swim but he gets in at his pace. He has always loved the bath and used to love the swimming pool until we took him a few months ago when he flipped out and would not stay in the pool. While we were in Vegas he just watched from the side and has decided he likes it now, but he gets in when he is ready.

Luke went to Washington DC for a last minute conference, and Linc and I were going to go as well but we decided the $900 ticket wasn't worth it this time. If he wants to post something on it I will let him do it. We hope to go again sometime and we all will have fun there.

Next we went to Yellowstone Bear World. It really is a neat place to see bears. You drive through with animals and then onto bears, where they are just walking around. While we were there one bear decided it wanted to walk on our car, so it did and put its paw right where my face was. It was neat but I was hoping our windshield didn't break (after all we have about a billion cracks in it).

They have a petting zoo and Lincoln loved the little goats even though they are a little rambucious.

They also have a few kid rides but we went on them with Linc so he wasn't scared. They were fun and we hope to go again if they lower their prices. haha

The cubs were the cutest. I could just watch them play all day!
What do ya think? We could totally pull off being bears!


Jenna said...

You're alive! I've seriously been meaning to e-mail you to make sure all is well--but now I see it is! Good to see your update!

Betty said...
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Betty said...

It is so much fun to see pictures of you and your travels!! We love you!!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

LOVE your updates!!! Lincoln is so big now, your pictures are so cute!

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