Saturday, July 10, 2010


April was actually one of our slower months although we still traveled a little. Easter was awesome and Lincoln loved finding the eggs. He loved it. We went to Utah a few times, one time was us sisters giving Maggie (& Nate) a baby shower. It was lots of fun and she got lots of cute stuff. I applied for a scholarship and got one for $2000 but later found out they will only pay for certain things. I thought a scholarship was mine. Although I am happy for what it will pay for, it is pretty ridiculous! Then at the end of the month we headed to Vegas for Reagan's baby blessing (pictures with May) and to see my family and the Donny & Marie show, which was great! Here are some cute pictures of Lincoln and hopefully a video (of him showing his dance skills) that will work. The first picture is of Lincoln when we read scriptures. He always gets his blanket and plays with his cars. He only sits there for about 1 minute but its a start.


Maggie & Nate said...

The pics of Linc are so adorable! We love how he holds Rohnan and can't wait for them to become best friends.

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