Friday, June 13, 2008

Freaking out...

So, as I sit here and ponder our baby boy is coming in less than 8 weeks (time has been zooming past) and I don't know if we have everything and I am freaking out (like this lady). Okay, I am not freaking out but I am a little nervous. We have the basics like a crib and travel system/car seat and some clothes (but how many clothes do you need), and some other random stuff, but really do we have everything we need?
So my question to all you parents out there -- or anyone who knows about this stuff -- I ask ... WHAT DO WE REALLY NEED? What were some of the essentials that you thought you couldn't live with out or were a lifesaver for ya or great to have on hand? I would love your input in the matter because I am feeling unprepared and I know there are some things that are more fun to have but give me all your input.


Beth said...

I found a swing to be very, very useful for the first five or six months!

Had a bouncy seat also with Logan (my first) but not with my second -- it was handy but not absolutely necessary for me.

Had a Bjorn (front carrier) with Joshua and I still use it occasionally, even with Joshua being a year old now! The cheaper ones really aren't as good as the Bjorn; it's the one thing I splurged on (well, splurged using gift cards!)

You will definitely need breast pads (even if you do not plan on nursing) and heavy maxi pads for yourself (yeah, too much information; sorry!), and diapers (don't go overboard, though -- mine didn't stay in the "newborn" size long at ALL, and I liked trying different styles and sizes to figure out which was best for my baby).

And no need to freak out, you know! :-) This isn't like a camping trip or something where you need to pack every item you'll need before you embark on the adventure -- as long as you have a carseat and something for the baby to wear home, you can send somebody to the store if you find you need something else (that's what I did with bottles and formula -- didn't think I'd need 'em, turned out I did; hubby ran to the store for me. No worries!) :-)

Christine said...

I like Beth's comment, just remember this is not a one day event, you will have time (and desire after a short while) to go to the store and get stuff that you think you need.

I used a lot of burp clothes and having a towel with a little hood on it for the bath is nice. As you go though you will find what works best for you, like I used a lot of plain white onesies in the beginning, either by themselves or under clothes for warmth or protection from irritating clothes.

Don't worry too much, it is an adventure, just take it one special moment at a time and you will be fine!

Becky said...

I agree with the two previous comments, wait to see what works for you and your baby. I bought or got a lot stuff I hardly used.

D. Andrew & Jenny said...

Hey, It was good to hear from you. Linda did tell me that you are from Las Vegas. We have not made it out there yet, but I am sure we will drive through it or something. I have also looked at your blog through linda's so dont feel too bad.

As far as baby stuff goes...For the first couple of months, all I really needed was diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, baby tub, baby wash, towels, lots of onesies and stain remover for all of those blowouts. As you get used to having the little guy here, you will think of more things to get but take your time. If you really need it, Luke can get it while you are in the hospital. Enjoy having your little one around. Time flys. Our little one has been hear a year and it seems like yesturday that I had him.

BrieAnn said...

Well, I was in the hospital in labor at 32 weeks, and we only had a cradle and a few clothes, so you're way ahead of where we were!! That kind of worked well though (aside from the panic) because we were able to get what we needed along the way (I was also in the hospital when my shower was scheduled so I didn't ever have one). We had lots of newborn clothes, but she didn't fit into any of them. We went out and bought a 5-pack of Carter's preemie onsies, 2 pairs of pants, 2 night gowns, and she ended up getting 2 footed/longsleeved onesies. That's what she lived in until she got up to bigger clothes. I would say have 8-10 regular onesies...they're easy and super cute.

Baby Bjorn or a sling! You'll want both of your hands sometimes!

Cora has a Boppy Travel Size swing. We didn't want a huge one because we don't have a lot of space.

BREAST PADS and a BREAST PUMP!!! I LOVE Lansinoh breast pads. My milk came in the first night we were home, and Cora was so tiny she couldn't handle the huge/hard breast I was trying to give her. I didn't have a pump, so I was soooo engorged. I also really took advantage of the Lactation Consultant at our hospital. We needed some help until Cora got bigger.

I wasn't in the super maxi's for long. I just used what the hospital gave me, but less than a week after I had Cora I was using ultra thin Always with wings.

We have a diaper Genie 2. It's nice.

And finally, have lots of thin, kind of stretchy blankets. Swaddling is amazing. Cora didn't like to have her hands tucked in, so we would leave them out, but swaddle the rest of her.

Send me an email if you have any questions. You'll be great...Just sit back, relax, and enjoy those little kicks.

Whipple said...

i am not sure if i have your current email but email me at
i have a very detailed list of what we got- i compiled the list from various lists i found on the internet.

Emetts said...

I received quite a few blankets from my baby shower and wanted to take some back because I didn't think I would need that many. However, I never got the time. To my surprise I used most of them frequently. They get so dirty so quickly and it's nice to just grab another one and not worry about cleaning the same few. Anyway, we are so excited for you and wish the best labor anyone could have! You'll be a great mom because you are so sweet and loving!

kathandmax said...

happy birthday!

Lacey said...

Everything said so far I agree with completely. I like having lots of blankets, and especially lots of burp clothes! Cloth diapers make GREAT burp cloths. They come in packages of 12, and I just went out to buy another package so that I didn't have to do laundry every single day! I've also really liked the sleepers that are long and open around the bottom -- makes all the diaper changing really easy. Seriously, when they're so little you don't need much. Onesies, sleepers, diapers and wipes, blankets and burp cloths, and either a breast pump (it's WAY worth paying the money for an expensive but good one!) or formula and bottles and your about set for the baby. You'll be great! I freaked out at about the point you're at too, but I honestly think that things were easier than I expected them to be. You learn to live on less sleep, and you're so excited and happy to have the baby that everything just seems perfect (whether it is or not!) :) You're going to be a great mom!

Rachel said...

I agree, a swing is essential in the first few months. I even used it as a "high chair" and fed my babies their solids while they sat in the swing so it was definitely multi functional.

Having tons of onesies, thin blankets and burp cloths was a lifesaver too. Ditch the socks, your baby is a summer baby and they'll just fall off him. Good luck with everything and don't freak out too much! :)

The Fleming Family said...
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The Fleming Family said...

Hey Rachel! It has been forever since I have talked to you and I just found your blog off of Sarah's. I hope you dont mind! This is Danielle (Elliott). Anyways, I have two kids now and I just wanted to re-assure you. I was feeling that same way! I agree with most everything everyone has said, but I think an essential item are those hand mitten sock things. They dont stay on great, but I think that could depend on the baby and the quality of the mitten thing. They are really good for not letting them scratch up their cute faces until you feel you are good enough at cutting nails. (That is really hard for the first little bit because they are so clear and small.) I think the nightgown thing with the elastic at the bottom is EXCELLENT for the first 4 months or so. It makes changing SO much easier, espically in the middle of the night when you are SO tired and dont want to do much. When you are in the hospital ask for lanolin if you are going to breast feed. It really hurts for the first 6-8 weeks and this cream will REALLY help. I used washable pads because the others irritated my skin. They are softer. Just an option. And an excellent option when you arent having a lot of milk flow is Lily Pads. They are great! (Motherhood Maternity sells them.) As for bottles I really like the Dr. Browns because they dont get burpy or gassy with them! They vent so that it is always pressurized. Lets see...I have a bumbo. That was really nice when they were learning to sit up. But like everyone else said, a swing, sling to go on you and lots of blankets and burp rags you should be good to go! I really like the Pampers Swaddlers. They are really soft on sensitive skin. Same thing with Huggies natural wet wipes. You will do great! Congratulations and good luck! It was great to find you on here! Feel free to check out our blog:

The Fleming Family said...

I was going to add you to my list...but I realized that I dont know your new last name. (It has been awhile!) Anyways, if you could shoot that over to me I can add you. Thanks!

Wiberg 5 said...

You'll do great and whatever you have will be fine. Just don't run out of diapers!

Stacey Gray said...

Hey Rachel,
My email is
Cool that your pregnant! Congrats, how exciting. I'm pregnant with #2 right now, due on July 19th. If you go to my blog you can vote on a baby name because we can't agree on anything. As far as freaking out goes, I understand. I think a lot of your friends are right, all you really need right now is a car seat, diapers, wipes and burp cloths and some stuff for him to wear home. You can always have someone go to the store later; plus as he grows you'll start to understand if he has preferences for certain things and you can buy all that stuff later. Good luck, sounds like you are doing great!

Melinda said...

I agree with Lacey. Have at least 2 packs of onesies, at least 2 packs of cloth diapers for burp cloths, and those sleep gowns are a LIFESAVER when it's hard to even bring yourself to change a diaper at 3 in the morning. Snaps on jammies almost put me over the edge when I was that tired. :) Another thing you should look into getting is "What to Expect The First Year" book. It's great and puts your mind at ease. Oh, and ditto on the breast pump if you're nursing. Engorgement is NOT fun and that's the only thing that got me through. Oh, and one other thing--nursing pads (if you're nursing). Get lots of them! You'll definitely need absorbent ones for overnight.

The Cooks said...

Just the fact that you are pondering and asking shows you will be a wonderful mom. Good luck it is getting close and exciting. You have been given great advice.

Koda & Marlynn said...

Hey girl.

I needed socks, reciving blankets (great for swaddling), and burp cloths can't ever have to many of those, you will also need clothes, they dirty them like crazy. A bouncer is a wonderful thing to have, as well as a front pack. You will want to buy at least a hand pump, but I've already told you that. Also if your nursing watch what you eat, because certain foods make them colicly. I can't drink milk with Daisy, she gets a huge stomach ache when I do, so watch that.

But I would wait really on the big expensive stuff, because you may not ever use it. Like I don't use a changing table, but I use a front pack to I can move goats, do the cow, you know farm girl stuff :)

oh and for diaper rash I use just vaseline and cornstarch, cleans the rash right up. The ointments and stuff doesn't seem to work at all for me, but every baby is different. Good luck and you'll do great, its so natural.

Amanda J said...

You should try to find a good bassinet. I found one that rocks so you don't have to get out of bed to rock him when he's fussy at night. You just lay there and push it. I also kept diapers, wipes, a burp cloth and lanolin cream at the foot of it so I didn't have to get out of bed at night to do anything. It was one of the most essential items I had for both of my babies.

I also liked my boppy. It makes breast feeding easier in the beginning. It also can help them learn how to hold their head up and learn how to sit.

Try not to worry about not being prepared. If you find you need anything after the baby's born just send your hubby out to get it!

Harris Family said...

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