Wednesday, June 04, 2008

There and back again!

So, I realize it has been more than a month since our last post and I apologize, it has been a crazy month in half. I will briefly give you an update on what we have been doing. Well, end of April, we went to Provo to watch Maggie graduate from BYU in Sociology. We are very proud of her for sticking it out and finishing her degree. Rachel finished her last week of school and took finals and she got all four A's and one B (which was so close to an A-she's bummed), Luke had a conference in St. George so Rachel tagged along and hung out in the hotel and finished a blanket for Hunter (the new nephew) while Luke was at a boring conference which he presented a lovely presentation at. After St. George they decided to continue down I-15 and see Laurel and Jeremy and Hunter in Las Vegas. It was a short but sweet trip and then they were off to Eagar Arizona to see Rach's grandpa and aunt. It was also quite fun to visit with them and spend a few days just sitting around. After that it was off the Grand Canyon which was fabulous! They spent a few days camping and hiking around that huge canyon! It was quite fun and such a pretty sight! Definitely a place to go back to. We didn't get to hike down to the water because of Rachel's condition with the big belly and all but we plan to go back and especially to the Havasupai Reservation and see the Supai Falls. We then drove back to the north part of where the Grand Canyon starts and saw the actual water that runs through the canyon and yes, even stuck our feet in. It was freezing!
Then we drove up through Utah and camped out some more and went to Goblin Valley and the Coral Reef National Park. There are sure some pretty sites in this country! Since we have been home school has started again for Rachel where she is taking a medical terminology class, a math class for health professions and and CNA class. They pretty much take all her time (just the CNA class is M,T,W,Th 2-7 and and longer once clinicals start which is going to be an interesting experience). She was subbing until last week because now school is over and well she is pretty excited about being done for the year. Luke continues to work and try to catch up since I take him all over the place. As he says, I am all over the place and I am even pregnant! In May alone we have been to Yellowstone, back to Utah for a Dave Ramsey show (a financial guy that Luke likes and he does have great advice!), and then back to Las Vegas again for Hunter's baby blessing. But Luke has 4-H camp next week that he is hoping it will stop raining so they can have an enjoyable time... it is his time to enjoy the kiddlings again!
It has been exciting and lot going on. We are counting down the days till we have this baby. We only have 9 more weeks to go, so it is really getting close. We are ready but not... as I am sure most first time parents are like that. Rachel is finally realizing this baby has to come out and is scared for that process. She is still pretty comfortable most days, or maybe we should say not too UNcomfortable. However, the belly is getting tighter and sleepless nights are becoming more frequent. She also has to learn to stop eating such big meals, but she is starving. haha The joys of pregnancy! This kid sure kicks a lot though, I think he is super active. Whenever he is in a position that is not so comfy, Rach pokes at him to move him and Luke tells her to leave him alone.... BUT SORRY! If he pokes me, I will poke back! Here is the last picture I took and I am definitely getting bigger that is for sure but people tell me I am small for how far along I am. In this picture I was about 29 weeks, and I will take another in a few weeks or so and post that. I think I have grown even more since this picture was taken. And I have gained about 18 pounds, it is finally coming! I had a baby shower last weekend thrown by my beautiful sister and sister in law... Toonce and Maggie! It was great fun to see all my friends from Utah and thank you so much for coming and the cute gifts! It made it even more exciting that this baby is coming! Love you all! Ok, so this is a long post, longer than I planned because I have a math test tomorrow, but enjoy and I will try to post sooner next time!


Amanda J said...

Wow! You really have been all over the place! How was it camping while you're pregnant? You're a lot braver than I am, I'd never do that! The pictures are fantastic, it looks like you guys had a fun trip!

Emetts said...

You guys are so adventurous! I can't believe how much your pregnancy is winding down. You will be such good parents.

Lacey said...

I'm also super impressed that you are camping this far along in your pregnancy. But I guess if you're having a hard time sleeping anyways, might as well! You look great!

Jules said...

Hey! You look fabulous! And the travels sound like fun!

Sorry I wasn't able to make it to your shower, but your gift is still sitting on my counter... I need your address. Can you send it to me either on facebook or email?

Hope you're all three of you well!

Janell said...

So fun to see Maggie in her cap and gown!!!