Monday, August 31, 2009

Wow, time is flying

So this is way later but this post is dedicated to JULY because I am that far behind. Life has just been to crazy and now that school has started it will be even crazier (so if you expect posts.... DON'T - they might be few and far between). My teacher has added an extra class and clinical (adding up to 11.5 credits, which isn’t much less than full time and I am supposed to be part time) with no extra class time so that means I have more work at home, and for anyone who knows Lincoln that makes it a little difficult. (And also, sorry I have been slacking on reading/commenting on your blogs, but I do catch up every now and then.)

So July was pretty busy, as this whole summer has been, but I finished off school and we went fishing and rafting with Lincoln. Man he just loves that water! We also went down to Utah for Maggie & Nate's sealing in the Manti Temple and were also able to camp and raft with Toonce, Joel, Dallin and baby! Fun was had by ALLLLL around. We had a nice BBQ for Mags and Nate. Then we booked it back to Provo to run in a 5K the next morning at 7 am... unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of us running, but we got spiffy shirts with "big" flags on them. And we all finished the race, oh and my sister Aubrie ran with us, as well as prego Toonce. Joel and Luke pushed the two boys in our chariot racer. Then the fireworks were that night with everyone from the race plus some friends (Villalobos, Masons, Havicans + family). It was much enjoyed and Lincoln was mesmerized. The next day we went to a water park, but Lincoln was a little scared at first. But he warmed up a bit to the water and was a little happier. He wasn’t getting much sleep because of all the traveling so maybe that is why he was a little grumpy (he normally LOVES water).

Later in the month we had a little birthday party for Mr. Lincoln before we left to Texas (since that is where we would be on his real birthday). We actually had a family party with Luke’s family and then our own little one here in Rexburg… fun pics! We also went to a demolition derby and Lincoln enjoyed it, I believe, my friend Kelli is holding him.

Here are the pics and not in any special order (sorry blogger is stupid how it uploads things and it takes too long to move them around the way I want them).

My boys enjoying the fireworks!

All who was watching the fireworks in our group (not the best pic)!

Maggie & Nate's sealing BBQ with my family

The Manti Temple - my favorite!

Maggie and Nate Congrats!

The whole group who was there!

My beautiful mother in law at a party!

Linc opening his first gift!

Demolition derby!

Water park in Provo!

Rafting, he loves to row!

In his life jacket... didn't like it much (this pic is deceiving).

Fishing day and rafting... he loves to hang over the edge (don't worry grandmothers... we are always holding onto him!)

Random pics: Look what my boy can do! Yes, he built that and it is all held up by his snack cup!

And this was before he could walk (I can't believe it has been so long... and a short while since he has been walking), he wasn't fond of the grass.