Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yummy in my Tummy

"What, another picture of me?!?!"

This was Lincoln's first solids this weekend (when his aunts Aubrie and Maggie and uncle Nate were here - we had a blast with them here too). He absolutely loved rice. This is just one of the many videos we got of it. I think he is kinda scared of Luke's laugh in it and everybody else just watching and laughing at him. He would just attach the spoon every time. He was such a cutie. Since then he has gotten much better with thicker rice.

I realize that pretty much everything has been about Lincoln but really he is our life now. To update a bit.... Rachel started her nursing program last week. It is going well, it will be busy and fun, but she is also nervous and hopes she does well as a nurse (ya know with IV's and shots and giving meds). Very glad it is part time and Luke can watch Lincoln when she is gone. Luke continues to work long and hard at work. Life is really good and there MIGHT be some more exciting news in the future, but we will see. Here are some extra pictures of Linc from the past few weeks. He is just too cute.

My man, the computer savy guy at 5 months old.

He loves his exersaucer. He will dance the night away.

Found out he loves paper... I think he ate a little...oops!

Thuggin' it!

So this is how he slept until....

... he's been a rolling machine...

...can't get him to stop rolling over... should I be worried?

This is for you Liz... sorry it is a little late, but I thought I would put it up. Thanks for the outfit, he loves it!

And this is to show you our food storage that I so neatly organized recently... I love it!


Trina said...

I can't believe he will still let you swaddle him.
Kids grow was too fast.
Are you or have you worked as a CNA?
I hope you enjoy nursing. That's something I may look into in the future.
I don't know if you remember, but Scott's mom is a nurse. She is doing something that she really enjoys right now. She works up at the hospital in Los Alamos. She working in the blood infusion unit. She works with a lot of cancer patients. She really enjoys having patients that she sees for long periods of time and so regularly. She enjoys getting to know her patients. You should talk to her about it, she can explain it better, but it sounds cool.

Lacey said...

He's growing up way too fast! Such a cute kid you guys have got there. I hope you're enjoying the nursing program. I'm sure it will be tons of work, but worth it in the end for sure. :)

Michele said...

What a cute little boy! Sounds like you're having a great time!

littlefamilyJLD said...

Hey man. Those are some stinkin' cute pictures of the stink. He is really a cute kid.
And way to go with the food storage organizational skillz.

Koda, Marlynn, & Daisy said...

Ya I do remember those days of tending the sheep flock up at good ole usu. No we never did make it up to Idaho because Koda ended up working. How have you guys been? Lincoln is so dang cute and growing so fast. I bet he is just a blast to have around. Daisy is just a growing and crawls around in overdrive is how Koda phrases it. She is growing up so fast and learning so much. Its a blast. And congrats on the nursing that should be great for you.

Amanda J said...

He is getting so big!