Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christmas Time

We spent Christmas Eve with Luke's family and it was a blast. Luke's mom made these really cool hats for everyone in the family. We wore them all the time after that - even around the house. Linda (Luke's sister) likes to make funny faces, so I joined in... little did she know I would post it on the blog. Lincoln had a totally awesome first Christmas with a new Christmas outfit that he pooed on right away. He even got Lincoln Logs for Christmas and I think that might be a pattern in the years to come. Here he is opening his book from Grandma and Grandpa Wittwer. It is the coolest book that spells out Lincoln's name -- thanks again! Here are our cool stockings. I have had mine for years and years (my Grandma made it for me) and the Luke's stocking also came from my Grandma. However, Lincoln's is just temporary until I get around to making him a stocking. I have a whole other year to get going on it.


Wiberg 5 said...

It looks like fun! Maybe after years of Christmases, Lincoln will be able to build a real house out of all his Lincoln Logs!

Laurel and Jeremy said...

why are you the only one with your stocking?? Mine is still in NM with Mom and Dad....sigh.

littlefamilyJLD said...

Hey man. What's the big idea posting that goofy pic, huh? I'm sure this is some kind of blogger copyright infringement....but I'll have to check first.