Monday, December 22, 2008

Crafts and the BYU games

We made gingerbread cookies this week.... they were dang good, I'd have to say. I am not that creative but I thought they turned out pretty cute. We also watched the bowl game where Lincoln was cheering for BYU... too bad they didn't win. We are trying to teach him earlier to like football and other sports. Also, here is the christmas card I made for this year, although it isn't as fancy as I would have liked, but I had to get it in the mail .Can anybody tell me why the colors mess up when I put these things on here?


littlefamilyJLD said...

I noticed that one of the gingerbread's legs was bitten off. Good thing you're almost a nurse, Rachey.

And Man oh man that Linky is so cute! He already looks so much older than the last time we saw him.

Finally, I have no idea why you're colors are all weird in the picture. It must be your true alien nature visible only through digital scrapbooking.

Lacey said...

Your Christmas card looks great. And I've notices that babies seem to like watching sports with their parents, football in particular!

Rachel said...

Loved reading all your little updates!!! Lincoln has turned into such a little stud!! What a cutie. :) I love your gingerbread guys too, totally yummy looking and awesome!

Sar-Bear said...

Rach...Lincoln is so adorable! Can't believe how big he is getting. How was your Christmas?? Miss you! :)