Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Yellowstone & July 4th weekend

So, about 3 weeks ago my friend Lindsey and her hubby Jared came up to visit Luke and me and we all went camping in West Yellowstone... We love that place and it is always an incentive to anyone who comes and visits us! It was just beautiful though (probably because of the snow it had when we were there a few weeks prior)! The camping wasn't all that bad and I think I actually slept better that night than I had in awhile and that was all being 34.5 weeks prego. Luke and Jared were being stinkers and spraying bug spray into the fire (I admit I told them to be careful b/c it was flammable and that is what got them going) but I am just glad nothing bad happened -- like an EXPLOSION! We also did this murder mystery thing on BYUI campus... it was pretty fun but if they would have planned it out better, it could have been tons better, but thanks to Luke, Jared, and Lindsey for going with me, because overall it was fun and I had always wanted to do something like that! Next time, I should plan my own and have a dinner with it.
My favorite thing about Yellowstone is that the bison just roam up and down the road - following the yellow dotted line. It is quite funny. In one of these pictures the buffalo decided to take a leak and we got it on camera - yeah for us!
The next week was the 4th of July weekend when my little sister, Aubrie, came up from P-town with her friend Hillary. Also, Toonce, Joel and Dallin made the trek as well and we had a smashing slumber party when they got here in our humble abode! It was fantastic and we stayed up till 3 am playing risk. The next day we went to the 4th of July parade and toured the fair at the park (which was lame compared to last year). We then went off to Idaho Falls and had a big ol' party with Luke's familia and enjoyed the evening and watched the totally awesome fireworks that Idaho Falls puts on (I have never seen better and if you are on the water it is even better). The pictures don't do the fireworks justice... I really need a tripod for my camera... one day. Plus, I kept snapping the picture at the wrong time. Better luck next time. We had another big slumber party at Luke's parents house and the next morning had quite the morning with the ladies in the fam. We went to Perkin's where we had a baby shower for this little boy who is about to pop and had such a great time and enjoyed many gifts that are so cute -- thanks to all you wonderful sister-in-laws and mother -in-law. This boy is going to be mighty stylish.
Later that day we decided to head to Island Park, a bit north. Luke's friend Brian and his wife have a cabin up there where we stayed. We went kayaking and canoeing in the river (where Luke kept trying to tip people over - namely his prego wife) and then enjoyed some might fine tostadas and then went swimming in the pool. It felt really good to go swimming actually and I wonder if this little guy could tell he was a bit lighter for me. Brian's daughter like pointing to the different pools when she wasn't in it and meaning she wanted to go to a different one. She would go to everyone in the pool with her except Luke! Luke seems to scare kids until they get used to him. Poor guy... maybe it is his facial hair. We played more games that night and Luke, Aubrie, and Brian stayed up late again playing Risk (Luke's new favorite game). The next day we went to church with like 2,000 other people. You could say it was a little packed and dang hot! Afterwards, we drove on home but detoured to Mesa Falls on the way home. It was beautiful and very enjoyable! I absolutely love waterfalls!
These last few pictures are the two updates of me and my belly. He continues to grow and squirm around like crazy... I'm telling ya, this is going to be one active fellow! People still tell me I am small for how far along I am, but I just hold him in more (my theory but what else would it be). My stomach continues to stretch and be poked and prodded but that is life and we are getting very excited for that life to come about (not the delivery part though). So, the first picture was last week (at 36 weeks) and the striped shirt picture is tonight (at 37.5 weeks). Laurel, my older sister, is coming this weekend and I am very excited to see her and Jeremy (her hubby) and their baby Hunter. He is now 3 months old and "talking." Have a good week everyone!

OH BIG PS! I passed all my tests for the CNA (certified nurse assistant) certification so I am no officially a CNA! One down and now we just have to keep progressing towards that nursing degree... I also got all A's in my classes for summer! YEAH!


Pulcheria said...

It sounds like you have been busy! But I am glad to hear that you are doing so well - right up to the end! Kids are always scared of Danny too (because of his beard)unless, they have dads with beards. Then they go right to him!

GooberDiva13 said...

haha :) both shirts are striped ;)

The Fleming Family said...

I dont think you look small for how far along you are! I carried like that too and I think it is better. And dont worry about giving birth. It is a TON easier (most of the time) than people think. Get an epidural. See the chiropractor about a week later. (You and the baby-they need it after being all smushed up.) And you will be just fine! Good luck!!

Rachel said...

Congrats on becoming a CNA, that is really exciting! Your little belly is so cute! I'm so excited for you guys. :)

Emetts said...

Looks like you had a killer fourth of July weekend! I must say you look so cute with your belly. It just makes me so excited for you. Congrats on passing the CNA exam!!!

Kristin said...

Man - I just had a great comment typed, and of course blogger had to time out before posting... and now I can't remember the great things I said.

In a nutshell - I am glad you found our blog! Good luck with the last few days of your pregnancy! Enjoy them. :) And especially good luck with having your little guy - I'll be checking back to see when you have him!

Hope all is well with you guys!

Amanda J said...

Congrats on passing your CNA exam!

BrieAnn said...

I love the difference in your belly pictures from 36-37.5 weeks. He's growing, and you look great!

Jay and Barbara said...

Rachey!! looking good, what a cute belly. Is good to know about you and Luke. We currently live in Knoxville, TN, and we are expecting a little girl on October.
Time flies!!

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