Friday, April 20, 2007

Love the zoo!

We had an egg-cellent time at the Tautphaus Park Zoo. We haven't posted in awhile so thought I better get a posting... Really this picture is not so recent, but we did go to the same zoo last week, so thought why not, just post the thing. Life is good in our land. Rachel is just about to get her degree in Animal Science (finally) and Luke is still working in Rexburg, loving his job. We still hate being away from each other, but only 3 more weeks and then we get to live with each other again. Who would have thought? A married couple that actually lives together and sees each other! But really, we are pretty stoked. I am making Luke walk in graduation since he graduated last August and they don't have a ceremony then. I figured he had to get hooded... he worked dang hard on his masters not too.
Now that school is almost done for Rachel, hopefully we can keep you updated more often on this thing with our pictures from graduation and all the fun things we will do this summer, including our 3 week trip to EUROPE in September. Life is fun right now, it will just be funner in about a month!

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Amanda Hawkes said...

Natanggap ko yung e-mail nyo. Sana masaya kayo!! Kailangan sumulat kayo sa blog nyo!! :) Sige...ingat lang kayo!