Saturday, November 11, 2006

Happy Fall!

This is us in mid October. We haven't changed much since our wedding but we love being married Logan's Fall season, it is beautiful but winters are really cold. Only one more winter here and then we are off to Idaho... where sometimes it is even colder...brrr
Just to update you on a few things, for those of you that don't know... Luke graduated with his Masters in Consumer Science in August and got a job in Idaho as an Extension Agent in Madison County (Rexburg). His job entails him trying to educate the community about financial issues. He is still figuring out the ropes but is loving it so far. He has been living in Idaho during the week and lives with his parents. Once I graduate with my bachelor's in Animal Science in May, I will move up and we will most likely buy a house if it is the right time. For now, we see each other on the weekends and that can be lonely at times but we are managing and stay busy with all the many things we have going on. I am still an Operator for Utah State University and also an RA (resident assistant) for the trailer court that we live in. It has been fun but I will be glad when I am done.
That is us for now. Hope you enjoy our blog. We will try to be more creative as time goes on and we learn the ropes. Love you all!

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