Monday, November 30, 2009


Well, I feel like all I do is try to keep up with the blog, so this is going to be short and sweet and too the point for these 3 months. We have done a lot some months and others not so much.
- I went to England (gets its own post... coming...)
- We went to Bear Lake and rented a boat with friends (thanks Lindsey & Jared) and Maggie came too! It was way fun and Linc loved it (although not the lifejacket). We were able to tube/wakeboard (for those who got up). It was fun had by all and wish we could have done it longer.
- 5k
- Provo
- Canned peaches
- Canada (also gets its own post... coming as well...)
- Said goodbye to dear friends... we miss you Hailey, Daniel & Aliyah
- Went to a few straw/corn mazes. Lincoln had so much fun just running amuck!
- Canned salsa with my friend Kadie
- Halloween (also gets it own post)
- Lots of studying for Rachel, traveling for Luke, and playing/growing for Lincoln
- Honestly that was the majority of the month, but we did have a fabulous friends over, Rachel saw New Moon, and bought curtains for the living room (YAY!) on Black Friday.
- We also enjoyed a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving with Luke's family in Pocatello (such great company and food)!
- And lastly, we were able to watch BYU beat the U! Hip hip hooray!
December will be a busy month too, but you will hear about that later..... until then....
(oh and pictures will be on this post eventually!)

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