Thursday, April 30, 2009

Top 8's

~Mexican in New Mexico
~Olive Garden
~Backyard Grill
~Pizza Hut

TV Shows:
~One Tree Hill
~King of Queens
~Gossip Girl
~Oprah (sometimes)
~The Office

8 of my Quirks:
~I like the toilet seat down.
~I love to freeze food and love food storage.
~I like to make goals but get overwhelmed with everything I have to do.
~I'm not a fan of working out but know I must to stay healthy. I have now worked out 6 times since Lincoln has been born. Go me! I am trying to be more diligent.
~I love Netflix.
~I love Turkey Day cause you get so much dosh garn food, love love love food!
~I can out eat most anybody, even the male specie.
~I can't think of quirks, when I need to (so these are pretty lame).

8 Random things I did yesterday:
~Watched Ellen
~Played Guitar Hero
~Fed Lincoln a few times
~Took a shower
~Called England
~Took a long nap
~Did the budget

8 things on my Wish List:
~A stand up freezer
~Trips to Phillippines and many other places too
~A nursing degree (I am working on it)
~To be done with school (slowing getting closer)
~A pilot's license
~Cruise to Alaska
~Live abroad

8 things I look forward to everyday:
~Playing with Lincoln
~Luke getting home from work
~sleeping in when I can
~calls/emails from family/friends
~reading if I get a chance
~watching some tv
~Lincoln's smile

8 people I tag:
~Sarah E
~anyone who wants to

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Maggie & Nate said...

if you tagged me I have no idea what or how or anything how to do me please