Monday, November 17, 2008

First football game

This was Lincoln's first football game. Being the alumni that I am of USU, I got some free tickets to the football game against Hawaii. USU actually won!!!! That is amazing cuase they normally stink, but they didn't do to bad and the weather was amazing. It was like 65 or 70 degrees that day (on Nov. 1). This first picture is of Lincoln on the drive to Logan. He is such a chunk in his car seat, normally he doesn't look this chunky. haha:) He absolutely loved the football game but was so tired but it was so loud. He finally fell asleep on me, at least for a bit. Also, we took some photos of him and dad in the leaves and they are adorable! My boys are studly!

People, people... I need help. how do I get my pictures where I want them? I want them to be side by side and not stacked under each other.... AND
*** Don't forget to look at the adorable videos of Lincoln pulling my hair below!***


Amanda J said...

So cute! He's getting big!

To get pictures side by side I usually load one with the left option and the other with the right option in the upload window.

Rachel said...

Cute! I love fall pictures! I love the pic of him asleep on you! So sweet!

Anna Linda said...

What a handsome boy Lincoln is !

The Horton Family said...

He is getting so big and very cute!(Oh, and Lincoln too - Just kidding ;) ...) Sorry I missed you when you guys stopped by! I didn't know you guys were in Rexburg - I thought you were still in Utah. We will definately have to stop by some time - we are up there often enough! :)