Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Our graduation!!!

On May 4th & 5th of 2007, Luke and I both officially walked for graduation from Utah State. Luke got his masters in Consumer Science and technically he got it in August of 2006, but I made him walk with me in May. I still have yet to get the degree on my transcript but it will be there August of 2007, but we both walked and it was fun. Luke's parents came to see us as well as Lisa (sister) and Linda (sister) & Joel with their new baby Dallin. It was great fun and it rained almost the whole time!!! Here are some pictures of us walking (and Luke being hooded) as well as pictures of all who came...

(Luke being hooded)

(Rachel walking)

(cute Dallin at 2 months old)
(Luke likes to take random pictures but Rachel is excited to be done!)

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